Odd One Out
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I keep trying and failing to start things up again on this blog, and I’m running out of ideas apart from making her well again, putting her into a permanent coma, or killing Audrey off entirely. Since the latter two are not very nice, I’m going to let everyone imagine that she gets better and finds work and starts making money to live on her own, and continues on in a very simple, comfortable little life that is social with her premade friends but she doesn’t bother to make any new ones past people she’s met up until this point. Imagine her being content throughout her shortened life (she will probably life until about 45, then die of a weak heart or cancer or something, given her cloned condition), and owning a small business of her own later, perhaps a little bakery or flower shop, like she once discussed with Ted, but without him, since he lost his memories. And I thank you all for each and every roleplay, fanart, and ask, and I appreciate this year+ of being my little odd cloned girl, and all the support while I did so.

I’m sorry things ended this way, but I’ve been too inactive on her for too long, and too lazy with her storyline after a point, so I thought it would be best to close this blog for good and not worry about it anymore.

I will not delete the blog; you all may still go back through posts/tags and the like, since it is a lot and I would miss not being able to reflect on it, too.

Take care, everyone! And thank you again. <3

[txt] yeah man hes kind of just a huge dick [txt] dont worry about it though ill make sure im ur lovely waiter whenever u come over [txt] and take ur time i dont want u 2 get lost trying 2 find ur way over here. that would be very very bad

[txt] Duly noted, on all accounts. c:

*Tap's her shoulder holding a rose*

O h!

*jerks slightly, then turns around and is a little slow to react, but smiles immediatley*

L o ng time no se e! Ah… *sluggishly takes the rose and fiddles with it idly* …Th an k you. Old h ab its, huh?

H o w ha ve you b een?

[txt] dont worry about it man we practically never run out of anything [txt] just make sure you ask for me when u get seated theres this one asshole that works on my shift and i dont want u 2 have 2 talk 2 him

[txt] For that matter, I would like to avoid him too. I try to be nice to everyone but some people, if they’re mean, they rub me the wrong way and things could get ugly.

[txt] I’ll ask for you, definitely. And warn you when I decide to head out. For now, I’m getting used to this hotel and the streets surrounding it. I like to know where I am and can go, you know?

[txt] ill make sure there's one for you special when u stop by hows that sound

[txt] That would be incredible! Thank you. But don’t get into trouble for saving something for only one customer, all right?


"Yeah, they have a laundry service. What size do you wear? I can run out and grab you things while they’re being washed if you want," he offered, all too eager to help.

"There’s a gift shop downstairs. I can bring you a dress and some pj’s."

In fact, even if she said no, he was probably going to do it anyway. 

"There’s a white bag in the closet. You call them and tell them you want the laundry service and fill it up. Then they come up and pick it up from just inside the door for you. Your clothes’ll come back clean either later tonight, or in the morning. They even fold them for you!"

"They d o all th a t?" Audrey frowns a little, feeling a bit flustered. She’s never been someplace so elaborate and catering to one’s wants and needs. She shrugs and digs for the white bag, find it, and starts dumping the contents of her backpack into it.

After plucking out the few non-clothing items, she starts to strip and dump her current clothes into it as well, uncaring; Broadway is with a man anyway, and she will remain modest enough in her underwear until she’s ready to bathe, once Broadway’s gone. She doesn’t even feel cold, the room is such a nice temperature. She slips on the robe on the back of the private bathroom door.

"You d o n’t need to g e t me anyth in g, I can w ait for m y cloth es. But th an k yo u."

She sits down on a small cushioned stool near the bathroom, mostly likely made for the vanity inside. She blinks up at her friend, a vague smile on her face.

[txt] of course it has pie what kind of diner would this be if it didnt have pie?? and pancakes lots and lots of pancakes 8)

[txt] Lots of pancakes, huh? The perfect place for any Once-ler, then. Heehe.

[txt] Yes but do they have chocolate mousse pie?

It is good to see you again, Audrey!

A h…! *small, weary smile* I t’s g o o d to se e you aga in ,to o, Ko d ak.


Broadway’s own lips pulled into a smile. 

"Sing, huh?"

Now the real question was, what to sing?

What are you thinking
I tried to reach your face
See what you’re thinking
Don’t carry around that pain

Everytime I see you
Picking at yourself
I love
I love when things worked out,” He started, rocking back and fourth with her in the cab. 

The actor sang anything and everything as the cab ride progressed. Once it stopped, he helped the girl out before he paid their dues and escorted her into the hotel to get everything set up.

It was a rather big, fancy looking hotel. After all, it had to be for Greed to be willing to stay there. But it was private. There was no paparazzi. No one who knew they had been staying there. It had become nearly like home while they waited for their house to be finished. And now, Broadway was all too happy to share that with Audrey. Though she would be getting her own room. He wasn’t sure how Greed would react to coming in and seeing a girl sleeping on the couch.

"You sit here," Broadway cooed, guiding the girl to a chair. "Give me five minutes. I’ll get the room all set up and bring you up there. Okay?"

She has been almost lulled to sleep in the cab, so by the time she’s sat down to wait, Audrey is passive and content. She shrugs an easy, “Ok ay.” and waits for Broadway to finish setting up a room for her and getting a room key card, then follows him to the location.

It is too luxurious for her tastes, honestly; she’s a little overwhelmed at first, almost afraid to touch anything in her allotted hotel room, as seemingly pristine as it is. Finally, though, she dumps her bag on the floor by the desser and asks, “Do the y ha ve a wash i ng mach i ne he r e?”

Her clothes are terribly filthy, and she refuses to put them away in the drawers until she’s cleaned every outfit of the few she has, including the one she’s wearing. She’ll gladly take a shower and hang around in one of the hotel robes while all of her clothes are in the wash.

[txt] yeah that would be great! it gets kind of boring being by myself all the time and i always appreciate it when friends stop by [txt] the address is at [insert address here] and i work most nights so just stop by or shoot me a text beforehand to make sure im there

[txt] Will do! It’ll be fun. And if the diner has pie, I will definitely have a reason to go for dessert one night. c: